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Mobile & Wireless Venture Capital

Mobile & Wireless Market Trends - The Mobile and Wireless industry is not only growing, but doing so very rapidly. It is estimated that the global mobile market will pass the trillion dollar mark by 2013 and the number of mobile subscribers will be well over 5 billion. In addition to mobile phones, wireless technology is embedded into other consumer electronics and industrial solutions giving the market significant extra growth.

Mobile & Wireless VC - The Mobile and Wireless venture capital activity has followed market trends and has grown clearly. Nexit is one of the pioneers in this field and we have been working exclusively in the mobile and wireless segment for more than ten years. Not only have we reviewed thousands of business plans, we have made investments into some of the best and brightest companies in the segment, as evidenced by several exits to some industry giants.

Tools for Entrepreneurs - We hope we can enable faster growth and bigger success, but the key ingredient for any successful mobile and wireless company is the people behind the business. The Nexit team have all been entrepreneurs themselves and we love talking to like-minded people and helping them succeed regardless of whether we invest in a company or not.

Nexit Mobile Venture Capital Blog - You can read our take on what is happening in the mobile & wireless venture capital area on our blog.