Activist VC

Nexit and the Team

In a nutshell, Nexit Ventures is the oldest and most experienced technology growth fund in Finland with numerous exits to leading global tech industry players. Nexit Ventures team members have launched and developed numerous successful high-tech companies and also worked for world-class corporations. In doing this, we have picked up vast amounts of experience and expertise and gotten to know many of the key players in the industry.

In other words, the Nexit team has been there. We understand the problems and have insight on the solution.

You can find more information about the Nexit Team here.

Nexit Track Record

Our current focus is on later stage B2B investments and our success ratio has been close to 80% in this type of investments. This clearly exceeds industry averages and demonstrates – at least in our opinion – the power of our Activist VC approach

Focus on Digital Transformation

Nexit Ventures is a technology growth investor focused on digital transformation. We invest in disruptive and scalable European technology companies.

Transatlantic Bridge

Nexit Ventures has its home bases in the Nordic countries and Silicon Valley creating a transatlantic bridge. Our continuous and active presence on both sides of the Atlantic connects technologies, markets, partners, resources, and exit opportunities, ultimately creating significant value for our portfolio companies.

Activist VC principles

In the nearly two decades of successful Venture Capital investing, we have developed a set of operating principles that create value for both our LPs and portfolio companies:

1. Selective and focused portfolio
2. Only few active investments for each partner
3. Recognize the possible need for change early enough
4. Having the guts to make big changes
5. Being able to execute the big changes
6. Being hands-on (or hands-off) if needed

The Activist VC principles represent the condensed essence of our two decades of history – what we have learned and discovered.

Our successes and failures over this period have continually shaped our thinking and lead to the formulation of the principles. Countless meetings with entrepreneurs, colleagues, industry experts, and our own investors have also taught us a lot and helped us to fine-tune the principles.

You can read more about these Activist VC principles in further posts in our Activist VC Manifesto.