About Nexit Ventures

Nexit Ventures is a mobile venture capital firm focused on mobile & wireless innovation. Leveraging its extensive network in the global mobile marketplace, Nexit invests primarily in Nordic and US-based companies with products and services for a global market.

Nordic - Bridging Nordic Mobile companies and innovations to US and especially Silicon Valley markets, financing opportunities and exit potential.

US - Providing US-based Mobile companies with Nordic and European lead market insights, market and customer access, and technology resources.

Asia - Connecting Nordic and US portfolio companies with business contacts, exit opportunities and other ecosystem players in Asia.

Nexit has helped several companies in either direction of its bridge, and has subsequently realised several successful exits of its portfolio companies in the United States, the world’s leading M&A market for technology ventures.

Nexit has offices in Helsinki, Stockholm, and Silicon Valley.

Added Value Venture Capital
The Nexit Ventures team has a proven entrepreneurial track record of founding and developing successful high-tech growth companies.

Focus on Mobile VC
Nexit Ventures is focused on mobile & wireless innovation. The sharp focus ensures a deep level of industry knowledge and leads to significant added value to portfolio companies.

Transatlantic Venture Capital
Nexit Ventures has its home bases in the Nordic countries and Silicon Valley - the focal points of Mobile technologies. This dual presence creates a unique transatlantic bridge and brings significant value to our portfolio companies.