Nexit has been an active and value adding Venture Capital investor since 2000. We added some historical Nexit portfolio news items to the news section – hundreds of news since 2003.  Our investments are made primarily in Nordic and US companies in both early and more mature stages of their development. Welcome to news archive.

19 Dec 2013, Futuremark Quanta Computer joins Futuremark Benchmark Development Program
19 Dec 2013, Aava M&A Technology Announces Companion AVA, Tablet for Professional Markets
5 Dec 2013, Ekahau Ekahau’s platform implemented by Danish elderly care centre
7 Nov 2013, Funambol Funambol Secures New Financing
4 Nov 2013,
Axel & Octoshape
Partner press release: VIVOplay
24 Oct 2013, Ekahau More Schools Select Ekahau’s Location-Aware Panic-Button Solution
12 Sep 2013, Octoshape AirTies Wireless Networks and Octoshape team up to offer global OTT IPTV platform
11 Sep 2013, Aava Aava Mobile launches ‘Inari’ OEM tablet for vertical markets
11 Sep 2013, Intel (Aava)  Intel Corporation today launched its latest family of low-power systems-on-a-chip (SoC)
10 Sep 2013, Ekahau Patrick Henry High School Installs Ekahau’s RFID-over-Wi-Fi™ Panic Button Alert Solution
9 Sep 2013, Futuremark 3DMark now available on iOS
19 Aug 2013, Octoshape Da Ai TV Selects Octoshape For Internet TV
6 Aug 2013, Ekahau Ekahau RTLS Alerting Improves Staff Safety at Beaumont Health System
1 Aug 2013, Ekahau Horizon Technology Finance Leads $6 Million Venture Loan Facility for Ekahau
23 Jul 2013, Ekahau Police Officer Ford to Speak About Idaho’s Award-Winning RFID School Safety Solution at the 2013 National School Safety Conference
9 Jul 2013, Octoshape Kanalturk Selects Erstream Powered by Octoshape Infinite HD-M™ for Broadband Delivered TV Services
25 Jun 2013, Futuremark PCMark coming to Android, iOS and Windows RT
10 Jun 2013, Octoshape Deutsche Telekom Announces New Multi-Device OTT Video Acceleration Platform LiveStream Perform With Octoshape
14 May 2013, Rightware Rightware® Closes $5.2M Series B Round
30 Apr 2013, Ekahau Hospitals and Safety-Focused Facilities Select Ekahau RTLS (RFID-over-Wi-Fi™) Solutions
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