News by year: 2022

The Hottest VC Trends of 2022: Our Predictions

In our previous blog post, we looked at global Venture Capital investment and exit trends in 2021. Now it’s time to make some predictions for 2022 and beyond. This time around, our crystal ball is clouded by fast-rising inflation, tightening fiscal policy of the central banks, and the hard-to-predict military aggression of Russia: The scope […]

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The Hottest VC Trends of 2022: Numbers from 2021

Well, it is that time of the year again: numbers and studies about the VC trends and market in 2021 are now mostly available. Adhering to our tradition, we have read the reports (see list of the reports at the end of this post) and done the heavy lifting for you: Picked some interesting notes […]

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