Funambol Makes Personal Clouds More Engaging

New family hub and TV viewing strengthen operator clouds versus cloud drives

Foster City, CA, December 2, 2015 – Funambol, the leader of white-label personal and business clouds, today announced a major new version of its personal cloud solution that adds key engagement features. OneMediaHub v16 adds a family hub that is like a virtual fridge door for sharing favorite family photos, videos and files. OneMediaHub v16 supports Google Chromecast for easy viewing of cloud content on TV. Its mobile apps detect a Chromecast device and allow users to display cloud pictures and videos on a TV with a single tap. These features transform operator clouds from primarily being a backup service to becoming an engaging part of daily life.

“Most personal clouds are file-centric and are viewed as backup, and have not generated much user enthusiasm,” said Amit Chawla, Funambol CEO. “OneMediaHub v16 makes personal clouds much more engaging for users and valuable for mobile providers.”

Personal cloud use is growing although popular services have only made modest improvements such as more photo features. This has done little to change the perception that most personal clouds are little more than backup. This contrasts to OneMediaHub v16 that offers compelling reasons to use the cloud. Family members can easily post favorite photos, videos and files in a private shared space and be notified of updates. People can show photos or videos on TV, such as of a music recital or vacation.

OneMediaHub v16’s engagement features are a key way that operator clouds differ from over-the-top (OTT) and other white-label personal clouds. OneMediaHub’s family hub is a killer app that leverages operator family plans. OneMediaHub v16 contains many other enhancements and is now available. For details, see a YouTube demo or view the release notes.

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