New Funambol Release Leapfrogs Personal Clouds With Designer UX

Foster City, CA—August 4, 2016—Funambol, the leader of white-label cloud services, today debuted a major new version of its OneMediaHub personal cloud with a fully redesigned user experience (UX). The new release includes all-new mobile and web apps with a next-generation look & feel inspired by Italian designers. The new UX has a light-and-airy look-and-feel that makes it fun and engaging to access and share one’s digital life. The new mobile UX includes a pinchable gallery of photos and videos with object recognition, streamlined navigation, simpler sharing and much more. OneMediaHub differs from other clouds as it is cross-brand, it aggregates and organizes a user’s digital content in one app, and it stores content in an operator cloud for advanced privacy.

“OneMediaHub’s new user experience strengthens it as the best white-label operator cloud,” said Amit Chawla, Funambol CEO. “Funambol is known for its advanced cloud capabilities and this release exceeds everything in appearance and usability.”

Over-the-top (OTT) personal clouds consist of cloud drives such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive, and device clouds such as iCloud. In contrast, OneMediaHub simplifies digital lives by providing one app for all important user content – photos, videos, music, contacts, calendars and files – for easy access on multiple brands of devices. OneMediaHub further differs from OTT clouds as it is a white-label service that enables mobile operators to go to market with their brand and to store user content in their cloud. This enables operators to support diverse devices and to offer an innovative digital service to generate revenue and reduce churn. OneMediaHub is in a family of white-label cloud services based on a common platform that also includes a business cloud, safety cloud, SIM cloud and IoT cloud.

OneMediaHub v17.5 is generally available and being rolled out by major mobile operators worldwide. It can be trialed by downloading OneMediaHub from app stores. For more information, visit the Funambol website at

About Funambol

Funambol is the leading provider of white-label cloud services. Funambol solutions have been deployed by top mobile companies for more than ten years to 2B+ people. For more information, visit

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