Octoshape Exceeds 100 Million Users Globally

Octoshape Exceeds 100 Million Users Globally

Strong customer growth, opening new markets and telecom partnerships double Octoshape’s user base in just twelve months.

Phoenix – January 07, 2014 – Octoshape, an industry leader in cloud-based streaming technology, announced that it finished 2013 with more than 100 million users, over 100% growth compared to 2012. The company doubled its size across all key metrics including customer base and revenues while reporting major growth across all three product lines focused on operator, enterprise and OTT multiscreen video distribution / contribution solutions.

“Achieving a sustained 100% growth year over year is a significant accomplishment,” said Michael Koehn Milland, CEO of Octoshape. “Not only does it characterize the explosive growth of online video and the OTT market as a whole, it also shows that the deep investments we have made across product, sales and operations are starting to show the results. Our anticipation is that with the progress we are making by opening up new geographical markets, strong growth in customer acquisitions and continued execution on our partnership strategy, our growth will further accelerate in 2014.”

In 2013, the company expanded its footprint into new markets across Latin America such as Argentina, Chile and Mexico. In addition, the company continued strong net new growth in the United States and Europe. China, Hong Kong and Taiwan were major contributors to Octoshape’s APAC expansion.

Octoshape’s Infinite HD-MTM continues to gain major traction with broadcasters across the world which choose Octoshape for the superior video quality and fixed price business models. It’s Infinite EnterpriseTM solutions, which help enterprises deliver large volumes of webcasts and streaming video content efficiently across their LAN / WAN infrastructure, gained additional traction across several Fortune 1000 companies. Lastly, the company’s Infinite UplinkTM solutions, which help broadcasters and media companies contribute broadcast TV signals across the world, saw a significant increase in adoption as well.

Elevated by global demand for its cross-product offerings, Octoshape is becoming the de-facto choice for the delivery of OTT / broadband TV content that also meets the reliability, scale and economic standards as set by premium content providers. Direct satellite TV service providers lead the way in this demand as they strive to address multiscreen demands from their audiences, launch new OTT only programming offerings and expand their reach to international markets without new satellite deployments.

In addition to broadcasters and direct satellite TV service providers, Octoshape intensified its focus on global telecom and ISP relationships as it expanded its customer and partner group with several major operators such as Deutsche Telekom, Telekom Malaysia, Datco and Grupo ICE among others.

About Octoshape

Streaming media innovator Octoshape provides the enabling technology required to bring TV quality, TV scale and TV economics to the public Internet. The company is writing the next chapter of content delivery for broadband IPTV services. The Octoshape approach is more scalable, flexible and affordable than traditional content delivery (CDN) schemes, while providing feature-rich, high-

quality viewing to the largest of audiences.
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