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Official launch of Fuugo Symphony, Las Vegas, April 2018

No more switching between instruments for controlling your OTT service! Fuugo, a global video platform provider with more than 10 years of broadcast and OTT experience, is announcing an official launch of Fuugo Symphony dashboard. The launch will take place in Las Vegas NAB Show in April 2018!. With Fuugo Symphony you will save your time and never leave anything of your OTT system unnoticed. Fuugo Symphony is an integrated dashboard that controls, configures, manages and analyzes the whole OTT service chain.

New end-to-end solution consists of seven components: ingest, content, audience shield, deliver, experience and insights. Each of the elements includes a wide variety of features so that over the top providers can choose the most suitable features depending on the needs and type of business they are operating in.

Fuugo Ingest covers signal acquisition, transcoding and transmuxing as well as provides a Live Operating Console (LOS) that enables switching several live sources “on the fly” during live broadcasts.

In Fuugo content section you will be able to organise your content whether it is VOD or live stream by creating playlists, channels, categories, stand alone movies and much more. Besides, make sure that your content is visible in search engines and monetise their content using Fuugo Ad server integration.

WIth Fuugo Audience you are able to create and customize your business model in order to monetise your content and audience. Manage your products subscribers and revenue.

Secure your most valuable asset from today’s digital threats with Fuugo Shield, an industry standard DRM integration. Besides, such solutions as watermarking and fingerprinting will ensure advance protection.

Fuugo Deliver is able to optimise the delivery from numerous parameters. Deliver an absolute user experience by adopting following features: iCDN switch, HLS video playback, IPV6 support, CDN DNS redirect and much more.

Fuugo Xperience will take care of perfect viewing experience among viewers anytime, anywhere and on any device. Customised design of your website and web assets in terms of account management, content accessibility and second screen feature powered with a multifunctional player will create a consistent user experience.

Fuugo Insights will help you to Improve your decision making and cut costs by measuring your KPIs concerning content, user acquisition, business model and pricing.

Fuugo aims to create a unique online marketplace for OTT players to administer and distribute the best products and services among other over-the-top vendors, operators and consumers, so that everyone will be able to find and construct the first-class systems according to their needs and requirements. Moreover, Fuugo Symphony´s modules are available not only as an integrated platform but also as stand-alone service. Therefore, OTT vendors will be able to replace or add services to their systems that they are interested in separately. Fuugo Director, in-house built API, will integrate any solution to just one place and Fuugo Symphony will offer an easy-to-use dashboard for users to manage and control these solutions, hence, making Fuugo a unique sales channel for OTT players.

Nelson Hulett, the Product and Marketing VP, said: “We are very confident that we are moving in the right direction. We are bringing together not just all the chain of service for OTT operators but also the whole industry to just one unique marketplace, where OTT vendors, operators and ultimate users come together  to make amazing things happen”.

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